Are Doctors Like Wizards?
Are Doctors Like Wizards?

Today I heard what was perhaps one of the most ignorant claims I've ever heard. This was said by a Doctor; specifically, an Internist. I was explaining my experience with an ex girlfriend who I had been with, who dealt with chronic pain stemming from a severe spine injury; her name is irrelevant. Anyhow, I told this Doctor how she was chronically prescribed OxyContin for the pain, and that I myself considered her to be an opiate addict. The Doctor then asked me "what route does she take the oxy?", to which I replied she usually injected it intravenously; to this he replied in a smartass tone with a chuckle, "Well I would think she's an addict then" - Implying that to even question whether or not this girl was an addict would be silly.

To this I would have LIKED to have asked him the following:

Would you assume differently if the viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy was prescribed with the intention of injection? Or if the injections were administered by a Doctor?

Are you implying that either A) When someone sticks a needle in their flesh, they somehow cross a line between a drug user and an addict, or B) Anyone who takes a prescribed medication in an alternative way to which it was intended is an addict.

Also; Is there some divine force that lies in the judgement/direction of a Doctor - where say, Dr. Steve can give Chuck morphine for a backache, however Chuck cannot give morphine to himself for the same backache without being considered an addict?

I want to point out the backward-ness in all of that, and if you don't really see it, then God help you.

The First Phase of Post Weld Heat Treat!

Production of our long awaited deity Cryptkeeper and Streetsweeper frames are in full swing with the Cryptkeeper having completed it's first round of Full Post Weld Heat Treatment. Now, every frame gets checked one by one, mounted individually, checked for alignment, adjusted, BB shells are reamed to spec, and we continue to the final phase of Post Weld Heat Treat. When the final phase is completed, we will enter the online pharmacy viagra Black Finish treatment that will coat the inside of every tube, prevent rust, and add beauty to the tubing. After completion of ED finish...we are off to powdercoat finally.

Most every DJ frame on the market is simply welded and then sent to powdercoat and very very very few of them are Post Weld Heat Treated. Why? Because it is expensive, time consuming, requires a factory with skill, and once again, it is an expensive and complicated process.

Many frame manufacturers market and state that their frames are made with "Heat Treated Tubing". What they are not saying is that their frames are NOT post weld heat treated. They just simply use heat treated everyone else. Do not let companies fool you with their production spin...the results are in the longevity of the frame, it's strength, and the detail it went through during production.

Take a look at some detailed images of a deity Cryptkeeper during it's creation...

Israel has Locked up JABARA village since 2002 - Even the most basic health care is a luxury
UNICEF: Delivering health services to isolated West Bank:

"JBARA, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 26 May 2009 Nestled in a small crook of land, surrounded by the barrier between the West Bank and Israel, sits the community of Jbara, home to nearly 300 people.

Today there is a rush of activity in one of the larger houses. Posters are pinned on clotheslines and a health education session is under way in the garden.

For the first time since the barrier enclosed this community in 2002, UNICEF has been able to arrange a long-awaited visit from health workers. It builds upon work with the Ministry of Health to bring vaccinations and rudimentary care to marginalized and enclosed communities in the West Bank.

Through these visits, UNICEF aims to broaden the range of basic but life-saving child care practices and help mothers living in isolated enclaves.

Overcoming obstacles

The barrier not only separates Jbara from other villages and basic services, such as schools and health centres, but has also separated the people of nearby Tulkarem from their farmlands in Jbara.

Permits are required to enter and leave Jbara, and crossing through the military gates is often a difficult and time-consuming process. Conflict, as well as access and movement restrictions, have led to losses of jobs and rising poverty.

By 2008, half of Palestinian households were living in poverty, according to the UN Development Programme.

“The challenge remains reaching isolated communities in restricted areas,” said UNICEF Health and Nutrition Officer Samson Agbo. “Families have gotten much poorer very quickly, and children are the most susceptible to the impact of household poverty.

A sombre feeling

Earlier in the day, a team from the Ministry of Health had given out water purification online pharmacy and talked about the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation. Lack of sanitation facilities and a functioning sewage system is a growing concern.

“The community... must discharge the untreated sewage in to the fields,” says local resident Na'da Awad. “This has increased the risk of disease and infections, as well as allergies and skin lesions.”

As the small children play together in the garden, there is a sombre feeling. “There are no recreation facilities available to the children here,” says one mother. “There is not much around to inspire them to play.”

Across the West Bank and Gaza, UNICEF is providing basic vaccines and immunization-related supplies, as well as vitamin A, vitamin D and iron supplements, as well as increasing knowledge on basic nutrition practices and strengthening health workers' capacity for infant and child care. With these interventions, UNICEF aims to raise the number of children benefiting from early childhood development, with a special emphasis on children in hard-to-reach areas such as the Jbara community.

Read more:"

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

Antiscalant and corrosion inhibitor
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Shandong taihe water treatment co.,ltd is the biggest manufacturer of antiscalant in china.The main products are list as following:
Organophosphine antiscalant and corrosion inhibitors:ATMP,HEDP,DTPMPA,EDTMP(S),PBTCA,HPAA etc.
Organophosphoric salt antiscalant:ATMPNax,HEDPNax,DTPMPANax
Polycarboxylic antiscalant and dispersant:PAA,HPMA,MA/AA,AA/AMPS,PESA,PASP etc.
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Road Trip for Men's Health
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WHAT started off as plans for a road trip to Australia’s biggest music festival amongst nine friends, has turned into a campaign to raise awareness for men’s health issues.

The boys, known as the “Mo Splendour Boys”, were driven by Ray’s experiences watching his father suffer from prostate cancer and later, losing him to some other complications. In a bid to honour Ray’s father, and sufferers of other men’s health issues, the boys decided to use the road trip as a means of bringing information on such illnesses to the masses.

All proceeds will go to Movember, an organisation that raises funds and awareness for men’s health.
Closer to home, the boys will be holding a fund raising event at The Front in Lyneham on July 23. Admission is free and there will be donation boxes for those who want to contribute.

Read more here 

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How Viagra Work?

Viagra works by inhibiting an enzyme called GMP that modulates the flow of blood to the male private parts during an erection. Through this inhibition, the unregulated blood flow to the penis leads to increased strength for maintaining an erection.

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